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Why no SDK for the iPod

It may sound like a daft question, but why is it that there isn't an SDK for the iPod? Surely Apple could make even more money if they opened up the development of iPod apps and games to a bigger development community?

Just a thought.

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Andy said...

Apple has a bad habit of not supporting anything that old - I think they consider the ipod touch and iphone to be the next generation so only work on the iphone sdk.

Do you remember though - some ipods had a closed pripority sdk for a while, I remember Harmonix and Square Enix made some games for that sdk - I don't know anyone who is using it now though.

ashley said...

There were a bunch of ipod games which were ok, but nothing much released for a while.

I'm sure you're right and they won't do anything for the older iPod set, but it is a shame in my book and a missed opportunity for apple as there are so many of the things around.