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Is there a way to record calls on the iPhone?

I know that on the old Palm smartphones and on Windows Mobile there were a number of apps available for recording calls, but is there anything similar for the iPhone? I haven't been able to find anything but I'd like to know if anything exists.

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Tom said...

I'm fairly sure the phone completely commandeers the audio device when it's in use, and that, combined with the lack of multitasking makes it pretty unlikely. If there is, you'll have to jailbreak for it.

ashley said...

I thought that was probably the case.

Anonymous said...

yes, recordiapro has a way of doing it very easily. call them - www.recordiapro.com

it works on my iphone and i decide which calls i want to record

Anonymous said...

Does Apple's new recorder app do this? It is part of their OS 3.0 so maybe it doesn't have the same sandboxing restrictions?