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iSyn 1.1 issues

There have been comments on the latest version of iSyn about crashes and other issues. I was using it last night and it crashed several times on me and I lost a whole track / project I was making. Anyone else having issues with this version?

iSyn at the app store:

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Harry said...

This crash happens while playing drums in live mode. It's already fixed here, update will be ready in about a week. Please follow our forum at isynapp.com for latest info and support.


neil said...

i bought it based on your blog post and was disappointed because of all of the crashes. hopefully they get a new version out soon-this app shows a TON of potential.

robman84 said...

Hi Neil. The previous version was solid as a rock so I'm confident in what Harry says. iSyn is brilliant so you won't regret buying it. Song/patch/pattern organisation and sequencing is its only real weakspot IMHO

ashley said...

Hi Neil, sorry if you felt that you were mislead by anything I wrote.

I've only just started getting crashes since 1.1. Before that I didn't have issues with the app.

Anonymous said...

What's next for this app?

Anonymous said...

Where's this one going then?