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Thoughts on latest Bebot

I was playing with the latest version of Bebot yesterday. I love the new save presets function, it makes a big difference, but I'd still like to see a save performance type option. It'd be great to save some of those musings with this app.

Anyway, excellent update.

Bebot at the app store:
Bebot - Robot Synth

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velocipede said...

Bebot one of my top 5 music Apps and is certainly one of the most fun.

Built in record would be nice, as well as some options about the effect of the Y axis.

It would also be cool if you could tap in a rhythm and make the robot dance...

robman84 said...

I wonder how looptastic does its recording, because that seems to capture every movement you make. I've not been able to catch it out ever! Something similar for our beloved Bebot would be cool.

I second the top 5 nod too.