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What will the next miniMusic release be?

Have released the excllent pianofly I was wondering what the next release from miniMusic will be?

Will it bea nother app that's like one of there existing palm apps in the same way as pianofly was similar to soundpad but with lots more features? Or will it be something completely new and unique to theiphone ecosystem?

I guess we might find Putin July.

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velocipede said...

"I guess we might find Putin July."

I heard he has an iPhone. Wonder what kind of apps he uses.

Pighood said...

I'm not russian to find out.

Unknown said...

^ haha
good calls fellas

miniMusic said...

We've decided to cancel our Putin Project. My deepest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to miniMusic Putin and Putin Pro.

Look for miniMusic Gorbachev in July!

robman84 said...

I tried to think of a witty soviet pun but ran out of time. So now I moscow.

Anonymous said...

Didn't miniMusc have a project for a multi-track?

Anonymous said...

Shame about Putin. What about a new BeatPad