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I have to apologise for not spotting this before, especially as someone pointed it out to me in a comment. I haven't tried this particular iDrum version, but it is quite tempting. If anyone is using it please can you let me know what it is like, and I promise to pay more attention this time around.

iDrum DM Sounds of the Universe at the app store:
iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe

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the6thduke said...

>>If anyone is using it please can you let me know >>what it is like...

It's probably like every other iDrum app for iPhone- irritatingly annoying, because you know it has a great interface, and it also sounds wonderful too, but you also know that, because it is made by isotope, the chances of it being improved, and bettered are NIL.

A bloody shame IMO! Isotope are obviously only interested in one thing- a quick buck :(

Bhajis Loops is still king of the handheld (although mixtykl looks really promising!), because, unlike Art Gillespie, Olivier Gillet cared! ^-^

Sorry for the rant, but don't you, Mr Palm Sounds, like me, find this kind of behaviour rather cynical?

Lets discuss!

Can't wait for mixtyk on iPhonel! :D Roll on mixtykl!! :D :D

ashley said...

I share your frustration with the iDrum series. I think it would have been better if another developer had made the app for DM, but they made there decision and that's that.

iZotope don't seem to want to improve or add functionality to their apps, and I guess from a commercial point of view that makes sense, but for users it sucks.

I, like you, agree that Bhajis is still king. I was gutted to find out that Olivier really won't consider a port to the iPhone, but it isn't a surprise.

I think Mixtikl will be good on the iPhone, but I still that that there is a big empty space ready for a real studio app. I hope that rectools 8 and 16 track editions can be the first to fill that gap. Time will tell.

One good thing about YUDO (rectools dev) is that they do update their apps.

Tom said...

I tried it out, it sounds like a dead horse being flogged!

I've now lost count of the number of times iZotope have thrown some new samples and recoloured graphics onto iDrum and released it as a 'new' edition.

It's pathetic.