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Web apps on the iPhone and the Pre

As far as I know the Prr uses apps built in CSS HTML and Javascript. Am I right in thinking that this is quite similar to web apps on the iPhone, and if it is then isn't that quite a light set of technologies for something as 'groundbreaking' as the Pre?

Does anyone use web apps on the iPhone?

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Tom said...

It's true it's relatively lightweight but it presents a very low initial barrier to development.

It's not true that it's the same thing as iPhone webapps, they're merely a Safari wrapper around a webpage. Palm provide a series of APIs (Mojo framework?) which are very powerful, and the assets can be stored locally rather than 'in the cloud'.

The widgets we use on the Vista, KDE and the OSX dash are all made in a similar way. See also Yahoo! widgets (formerly Konfabulator).

It's certainly adequate for the types of app that the Pre is aimed at; quick access to essential personal information and providing high-relevancy reference information.

I think it becomes clearer when one looks at the lineage of these machines:
iPhone: iPod (entertainment device) + phone
Treo/Pre: PalmPilot (PIM) + phone

Pighood said...

I'm REALLY hoping iPhone will take on a lot more PIM functionality...for me, that would make it a perfect device.

ashley said...

Tom, I see what you mean about the lineage and I think you're right on that one.

Unknown said...

I also really do hope that iPhone bring more PIM functionality. It will really do create a perfect device, as for me and mr. pig hood above.

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