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Bebot updated

Bebot has had an update. The main update is that you can now save your sounds and scales, which I know was the one major feature that people wanted from Bebot.

Bebot at the app store:
Bebot - Robot Synth

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robman84 said...

Finally finally finally!! It hasn't stopped me using Bebot a lot, but I've been writing my "patches" down on paper!!!

I shall go and play now.

velocipede said...

Great news for a great app!

Pighood said...

This app is why the iPhone was invented.

robman84 said...

Sorry to comment twice, but Oh My Word!! This update is fantastic. I was expecting just patch saving, but there's so much more in there now. This is no toy, this is a professional level lead instrument. If we don't start seeing this on stage soon, there is no justice in this world. The sounds are just so darned fat. Thank you Normalware!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant app, I look foreward to more from this dev, if you have a iPhone or touch get this now!