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i808 for iPhone

I'm sure that someone commented a while back that we'd had enough 303 apps, well now there's an 808 app on the store. i808 is an 808 drum app, you can really get that from the title.

Check it out on iTunes for more information:
i808 Drum Machine

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GregM said...

Definately recommend.

The sounds are great sounds, the timing is solid, and re-programming beats live works really well.

Most cool features:

* Some instrument editig (switches)
* Global sequenceable 'accent'
* volume level for each instrument
* global gain slider
* tempo uses decimal values

All definately are good choices of features, I think this gives an advantage to i808 over the decent Beatsequencer Boombap.

Some quibbles: it's definately a 1.0 app, and some obvious features have been ommitted.

IMO, they were decent choices to leave out, here's the limitations I noticed:

* 8 slots only to save patterns
* tempo and voices reset on quit
* tempo and voices are global
* changing tempo stops playback
* changing tempo uses text input
* no song sequencer
* pattern length is 16 steps only
* no shuffle
* no efx
* no stereo / panning
* no tempo syncing
* no audio save/export

But, very fun & rocking app, will definately bust it out often

ashley said...

Sounds good. I may wait until there's some sequence capacity and fx too.

robman84 said...

Oh for a proper virtual analog drum box that doesn't use samples.