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What future for Portals?

With all the big OS providers starting their own app stores what will happen to the likes of palmgear and pocketgear etc. Will there still be a space in the market for them, and will developers still want to submit their apps there?

I'd be interested to know any developer views on this.

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Tom said...

Good riddance! Both those sites started out as comprehensive resources for the geek community surrounding the devices and slowly degenerated into money machines.

ashley said...

I know what you mean. I remember when I started to use PalmGear it was great and always had lots of really good freeware.

Unknown said...

Well, if you're using Android, you can still buy apps from other stores. So the big question is whether someone can build a better mousetrap.

For instance, this great site from the creator of Cydia and Cycorder for iPhone jailbreak is already really nice -- and should remain a geek haven.

And now it's possible to just distribute an app directly to folks, too, from your own site.

So far, the other phone OSes haven't gone this open direction. But it ought to be familiar - it's the way we've used computers since the 1970s. Ahem.