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I'm sure that some of you got the news email from RJDJ, for anyone who didn't, here's the news:
Releasing new apps like the shake album on the app store is something which you will see more often in 2009. We are working on new RjDj albums which will be released as RjDj apps in the next couple of months. These albums will be artist specific or the kind of compilations which we have released so far. Stay tuned, we are in the studio with some very interesting musicians.

At the same time we will extend the RjDj single application to feature downloadable scenes. You will be able to browse and download scenes from a variety of artists, directly within the RjDj single application. Artists are already able to create their own scenes today (see http://rjdj.me/howto-create-rjdj-scenes/) . Producing and sharing scenes should get significantly easier in 2009.

We know that a lot of people are waiting to access and share their RjDj recordings. This is another feature which we are working on right now and i hope it will be released very soon.

And finally, the RjDj album has been nominated as one of the best iPhone applications of 2008, in two categories in the Best App Ever Awards. RjDj could win the "Most Creative use of iPhone Hardware" and "Most Innovative App" categories with a little help from you. If you want to help spread the message about RjDj, go vote for us, and tell others to do the same!

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