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eBay: Philips Composer Synth (via RetroThing)

This is a great one off from Philips. Here's the eBay pitch:
From eBay: "Philips' one and only attempt at the synthesizer market. It combines preset FM synthesis with a sequencer, a cassette deck that doubles as a data and audio deck to load/save sequences or groove over the top of your favourite tapes plus a cool touch-membrane keyboard (ala EDP WASP, EH MiniSynth etc.)

Not quite handheld, but very retro.

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Sam Cameron said...

I have bought one of these in good condition from a junk shop with original case and manual.
I have also sampled all the sounds
and created a bank in Emulator X/
Proteus format using them.
If anyone wants them they can be played back using Proteus VX
which is free.