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New version of Griff available !

Amazing! I really didn't expect this at all. A new version of Griff has turned up! Here are the details:

With no updates in over 5 years, it comes as somewhat of a suprise, even to us here at PlanetGriff, to discover that a new version has been released.

Version is available for immediate download

There is only 1 new feature, however - support for all the weirdy screen resolutions that have cropped up since Microsoft dropped the classic QVGA 240x320 screen size requirement for all PocketPC devices.

So now you can run Griff on square screen (240x240 and 480x380) and landscape screens (240x320 and 480x640) as well as QVGA 240x320 and VGA 480x640. Hurrah.

Although to be honest, Griff still looks best at the 240x320 Classic resolution.

So, does this mean there is potential for further and more significant enhancements to Griff? Who can tell.

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Unknown said...

You missed the biggest part of this news Palm Sounds buddy- click on retail and you'll find GRIFF is now 9.99 pounds (or 18 bucks for us yanks). Wasn't it like 60-80 bucks before?

I'm considering Griff now it's cheap- stayed away because of price and it uses compressed wav files right?

I enjoyed the B Loops demo but finally went with AUDIOBOX which interface was actually easier for me to understand than bhajis (I need that "moving needle" while composing) and extra plus is it uses non compressed wavs/44khz/16 bit which is good quality for a pda.

Anonymous said...

No, Griff doesn't use compressed anything. Where did you get that from ?

Griff supports 16bit 44.1khz for both samples and rendering of output (both to the speaker and the wav file output.)

Griff also uses a 24bit internal signal path.