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Mixtikl update

There's lots of new information on Intermorphic's new Mixtikl app for desktop and mobile. I have to say that this is one of the most exciting apps for this year. Not just because it carries on the legacy of MiniMixa, but because it is the first of a completely new breed of mobile applications, or "trans-platform" applications as Intermorphic describe them.

These "trans-platform" applications work not only on both the mobile and desktop but allow you to move your work between the two. For me this is a real step forward for mobile music.

You can read more about Mixtikl at the intermorphic site, but here's a little taster of the apps that are coming:

Mixtikl Remixer
Create, EQ and save a quick mix from up to 12 user selectable sound sources/loops, and apply FX.

Mixtikl Performer
Create a more complex cell based mix with up to 12 tracks and four sections, and easily apply per track FX, pan and volume.

Mixtikl Player
Create and play a track list of mixes, pieces (including generative music pieces) and recordings you have or have made.

Mixtikl Partikl
Edit Partikl synth sounds and patches directly, and create presets; create custom DLS wavetables; bundle Ogg/Wav files, MIDI files, Noatikl files and other content together into a self contained "Mixtikl" file; create/edit Partikl FX and networks directly, and create FX presets.

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Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks!!! BTW, that should be "Intermorphic" not "Itermorphic". :) Excellent blog.

ashley said...

Sorry about that. I updated it.