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Noise.IO Synth: Update 20.9.08

Noise.IO synth have posted an updated message with some MP3 samples of Noise.IO working in beta. Here's what they say:
20 Sept 2008:

Some people have emailed us claiming that Noise.io is a scam and vaporware. Well guys it is not :-) The development is close to the end. Yesterday we finally managed to get the sequencers working right. (No 303-ish glides yet, but we promise we will make them)

So, here are 2 quick MP3 demos for you to check out (need Flash)

Those sounds were recorded in real-time straight from iPod Touch running Noise.io v.08beta.

Well you see that fat basses and glassy appergios are no problem for Noise.io. We underline that this is BETA version of Noise.io and it would sound EVEN better. Maybe in several days we will find time to publish some more sounds (when we finish with the 303-ish glides probably - yes, you will be able to turn your iPhone into a mini-303)

Stay tuned!

I think this is quite hopeful. Having listened to the MP3 files, they do sound a little rough, but maybe coming from a beta that's ok. I hope they do get it to work the way they want it and all goes to plan soon in the next couple of weeks.

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