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First thoughts on 'Guitarist' from Moo Cow Music

Moo Cow Music now have three applications on the App Store. Band, Pianist, and now their latest app Guitartist.

Guitarist is not strikingly different from the other two applications. In many ways it is a continuation of the same themes already started in Band and Pianist. However, it is well executed and put together and above all it is fun to use.

Guitarist boasts two guitars which can be played in a wide variety of ways to suit almost any user. Each guitar can have effects applied to it in the form of delay and fuzz. You can record the guitars and save the output inside the application, but I'm not sure that you can do anything with it after that.

I decided to spend some time playing with this app to see what it was like, and I was pleasantly surprised. The sounds are clean and realistic, the input methods are straightforward and simple, and the app does the things it sets out to do and does them well.

I think it is an interesting app as in many ways there isn't an equivalent to this in the Palm or Windows Mobile world at all. Guitarist and the other apps from Moo Cow Music make good use of multi-touch, but not the accelerometer, so they don't really fall into the mobile instrument category. Neither do they fall into the mobile studio category, so they are quite interesting really.

As an app to play with I do like Guitarist, but I struggle to see where it fits in to my own mobile music set up long term. It is fun to use though, and so perhaps it is just me being to caught up in my own preconceptions of what a music app should be. Perhaps I just need to lighten up and have some fun?

Anyway, I would say that Guitarist is worth the £3.49 on the app store.

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