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RJDJ delayed by at least another week

The RJDJ site has this comment:
sorry to keep you waiting here. We had some feedback from apple! It looks like we still have some issues with the binary. So the plan is to sort things out and update the submission as soon as possible. It looks like the review team is on a 1 week - 10 days time frame to review the apps… so if everything goes well we will be in the store in aprox 2 weeks (or earlier).

One more thing: we decided to initially bundle the scenes eargasm, echolon, gridwalker, noia and WorldQuantizer with RjDj. I know i said we will bundle about 12 scenes with this release but we changed our mind because it might make more sense to have 5 scenes which make the point. So we have no “shake” scene bundled right now. With the next release we will have more scenes and most of all we need to have a more flexible solution than to bundle the scenes anyway.

So I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what it is like.

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