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PaklSound1 Deluxe remvoed from the App Store

The following is from the PaklSound site:
Dear users,
Clearly, PaklSound1 Deluxe was not a successful venture. It has been removed from the App Store, and its advanced features will eventually be added into the regular PaklSound1.

If you're interested in knowing what happened, let me just say it has been very difficult to work with the AppStore for a few reasons.

(1) At first, users thought they were being charged for updates to PaklSound1, and gave negative reviews. I could not communicate with those users through the AppStore, since all transactions are anonymous to me. This forced me to put a message saying that "all updates are free".

(2) It then seems many users interpreted "all updates are free" to mean that *any* work I ever did on PaklSound1 would be available for free. Sure, I have already released a number of new, unpromised features for free: auto-saving when you quit, Parts A/B, and different colors for different layers. However, I never promised adding features beyond more layers and sounds. PaklSound1 Deluxe introduced totally new features that I never planned, like exporting songs to XML, sharps and flats, alternating A/B, and others. Nevertheless, some users continue to think that anything I add to PaklSound1 would have to be a free update.

Looking back, I can almost see how some users might have misunderstood that. I really hope that that is the case -- that these users genuinely misunderstood.

In closing, let me say that it was my hope that this experience would have been an enjoyable one for all. To some extent, it was: I got lots of great constructive feedback from many of you, even a few recordings using PaklSound1 and GarageBand! I have really appreciated that kind of interaction.

If you got PaklSound1 Deluxe but hadn't gotten PaklSound1 first, please contact me.

Thanks, and I hope you continue to enjoy PaklSound1.

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