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ITM Tilt from iTouch MIDI

ITouch MIDI have released a new application called ITM TIlt. Tilt is a Accelerometer driven midi controller, which looks really interesting to try out. Here's what their site says about it:

iTM Pad 1.0 Features:

Accelerometer driven midi controller
Sensitivity slider allowing for inclination based operation or acceleration based
5 different assignment pages to allow control of different parameters / fx
Lock and auto lock button for safe or free mode operation
Auto Server

CC assignments:

Page A: cc10 on X axis : cc11 on Y axis
Page B: cc12 on X axis : cc13 on Y axis
Page C: cc14 on X axis : cc15 on Y axis
Page D: cc16 on X axis : cc17 on Y axis
Page E: cc18 on X axis : cc19 on Y axis

Compatible with: Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Mackie Tracktion, Modul8, Motion (more will be added when reported)

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