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Pandora is coming soon !

I guess I'm not the only one to get an email from Pandora about their imminent device. The specs are very impressive:

* ARM Cortex-A8 600Mhz+ CPU running Linux
* 430-MHz TMS320C64x+ DSP Core
* PowerVR SGX OpenGL 2.0 ES compliant 3D hardware
* 800x480 4.3inch 16.7 million colours touchscreen LCD
* Wifi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth & High Speed USB 2.0 Host
* Dual SDHC card slots & SVideo TV output
* Dual Analogue and Digital gaming controls
* 43 button QWERTY and numeric keypad
* Around 10+ Hours battery life
* GUI: gMenu, various X based desktops, Ubuntu etc. or make your own.

The first batch will be limited to 3000 units worldwide. The next batch will be made in 2009.

Orders will be on a first come first served basis. If demand is too high we will start to limit the orders to one Pandora per person, although any multiple orders recieved before that would still be honoured.

The price is $329.99 / £199.99 (Inc VAT) / E249.99 (Inc VAT), which is very reasonable indeed as far as I can see.

I have to say I am a bit tempted. Although I think that this is going to be more game orientated then anything else.


Anonymous said...

Based on the gp32 forums and my pestering of a number of developers....
It should run Sunvox very happily. Little gp tracker with bells and whistles on, Milkytracker, chibitracker, and id expect all sorts of new mini daw, graphical sequencers and exotic music apps to be made for it.

I love mobile music software but i dont think touchscreens are a great way to interact with them (on their own at least) The massive bunch of game controls plus the keyboard on the pandora could be ideal.

ashley said...

Well, now you mention that, it sounds more appealing. Perhaps I'll take a closer look.