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PaklSound1 Deluxe

Today I noticed that there's a new version of PaklSound. The 'deluxe' version. This version seems to add a few new features:

PaklSound1 Deluxe Features:
- Tap and swipe up or down to make a note sharp or flat (Chromatic.)
- Realtime Mode: play sounds or introduce variation into your tracks, on the fly. (left side of screen=flat, right side of screen=sharp)
- Instantly Pause, Resume and Restart playback
- A/B Alternate Mode: effectively double song length by making any layer(s) alternate between parts A and B
- Email your songs (in XML format) from your iPhone to your desktop computer or to our server. Use Settings to indicate your default preference.
- Re-download songs or share them with other PaklSound1 users. Songs must be placed on a webpage, and accessed using paklsound1:// URLs. A preference option allows you to disable chromatic mode (natural notes only).

This is an interesting way of differentiating between versions, not one I've seen before so far.

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