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How much did you spend?

This was a little suggestion to see how much you ended up spending on apps over Palm Sounds fifth birthday this month.

I'll only run the poll for a couple of days, but it might be interesting to see what you did spend!

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Jumper said...

A bit scary actually about sixty pounds but some amazing sounds

matthew bennett said...

I think I only bought Molton for $2. But I've spent around $140 on apps in two months since I got my iPad2.

And it's all your fault, Palm Sounds!!!

Marlene DeGrood said...

Around $20 ... but I also grabbed some non music creation apps that were on sale like EA's "Dead Space".

iLpD said...

@Marlene DeGrood Shocking 20? only?
I'm sure I spent more then 100$ :D
BTW play Dead Space lately

freesoulvw said...

This month I picked up:
Jasuto pro
Multitrack DAW
Molten Drum machine
Sound Grid
Nano Studio
Crystal Synth
Poly chord
Piano angle
Vox 3000
Metal loops hd
Guitar sequencer
Might have left a few out. The bottom few were my freebies but I paid for most of them. I have a bunch more like all the Korg apps and GB plus many more that I have owned for a while. I just recently got majorly dedicated to my iPad music and hope to find more great apps to join the fun.

Marlene DeGrood said...

@iLpD ... yep ... $24 and change is all .... mostly because all the music apps that were on sale were the ones I already had. I give myself a $50 per month allowance on apps ..... if I didn't set a limit I'd be in App Store debt. Loving Dead Space HD and I see that it's still on sale for $4.99!

johnnyg0 said...

I got a lot of apps that I wouldn't have cared for otherwise, like the Korg apps iMS-20 and iElectribe, also Beatmaker2, just because I wanted to give them a try. It was worth it, not that I use them much, but at least it costs me less than a few issues of Computer Music Magazine would've cost me :D

Andy said...

Much more than I wanted to, probably about $100. nLog and iSequencer were my favourites. I also picked up quite a few of the Lite apps that you reviewed just to check them out. My biggest disappointment was the Gorillaz ielectribe .... I really wish I had bought the standard one, the samples from the Fall album are pretty useless to me. Funbox, Rebirth, Xenon, BL were all great apps, but I would love to have a bit have a bit more control over the thumbjam loop recorder. The best of the bunch of course Palmsprak but it needs audiocopy/paste. Thanks for all the great reviews!