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djay for iPad by algoriddim, 50% off this weekend

Thanks to Robert who pointed out to me that DJay for iPad is 50% off this weekend only with the price down to $9.99.

djay - algoriddim

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K Brown said...

While all of the recent price drops is obviously a nice thing, the developers are giving the finger to everyone who paid full price for their Apps.

No point in paying full price when they'll just drop the price later.

Too bad they give a collective "thanks a lot suckers" to those of us who paid what was obviously inflated prices in the first place.

Developers clearly don't respect those who are willing to pay full just to drop the price later.

Just another rip-off instead of pricing properly in the first place.


Anonymous said...

It's called "skimming" in marketing lingo. There's nothing sinister about charging more for early adopters who are willing to pay more. My concern when I see apps at such reduced prices is that support and updates for the app are soon to be discontinued.

K Brown said...

Nothing sinister no, just no respect.
And early adopters is not actually relevant as they're selling thee exact same thing.
Just a sad example of how "business" is done, even at this level.



Anonymous said...

I can't belive people would complain.about a price drop on an APP...

When a blu ray comes out... it might be $30... two months later.. $12.99... xmas bargain bin $7.99..cars drop in price many thousands in a model year..

If piracy for an app high they might try to capture some of that market back as well..

If you like an app.. you should be glad the price dropped so more people can share in it and dpur more development... you dont lose 10 bucks here.. you got to play with it for months before I could afford it... but now I can.. WOOHOO! BEEN WAITING FOR A SALE!

johnnyg0 said...

@K Brown
"the developers are giving the finger to everyone who paid full price for their Apps."

I guess you have never seen a movie in theater, or bought an album, or a book, or a game, on the week of its release.

You could also expand your saying on everything in life, why pay full price for anything when it will obviously be on sale someday...