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FunkBox to be a universal app

Excellent news about Funkbox, it will be a universal app for iPhone and iPad too. Looking forward to that.

FunkBox Drum Machine at the app store:
FunkBox Drum Machine


Anonymous said...

does this mean that if I buy the current version, a forthcoming update to it will rescale it for my ipad? Or do I need to wait until an ipad version is released? There's no mention on the developer website...

Unknown said...

this is one of my fave apps.

what exactly does "universal app" mean ?

Synthetic bits said...

Hey, thanks for posting about this.

A "universal app" means it will run in full resolution on both iPhone/touch and iPad. It is basically one app with two interfaces, a lower resolution one for the iphone and high res for the ipad. You only need to buy it once.

So if you buy the current version, it will currently run upscaled, once the update comes out you get the new higher resolution iPad mode for free with the update.

Thanks for the interest!