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I don't do anything to promote the blog, should !?

I saw this post at Matrixsynth and it made me think about whether or not I should do anything to promote Palm Sounds at all? In the last 4 years I haven't really done a thing about promotion in any way and it has just grown organically.

Should I do some promotion? If I should, then what?

Really appreciate your views.


Mr. A said...

I think you should take a hybrid model of KVR-Audio (for a database of music apps) and CDM (for the blogs/articles).

Oh, and I think you should move off of blogger onto something like Squarespace and get a proper domain name like palmsounds.com (owned by a parking page) or thepalmsound.com (unregistered).

Easily you could make up your domainname/hosting prices by doing a bit of ad revenue. Considering the traffic you're getting right now its a no brainier.

You should talk to Peter Kirn about a revenue model for music blogging since he's quite successful @ CDM. He might be able to get you in touch with folks @ Audiomidi.com (who make iSyn) or Apple to do some ad deals.

Anonymous said...

How large is your readership?
If it's low, then spread the word (banner adds, comments in forums, etc), if it's high, then don't worry about it.

Brett R said...

I love this blog and have mentioned it in a couple of composer/tech heavy forums. It's by far the premier mobile music blog that I have found. Probably the use of 'Palm' in the title doesn't help, it sounds about as modern as 'Atari.' :-) I don't know about promoting it, would that help financially?