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The Last of the Mobile Music Alphabet: X, Y, and Z

X is for Xewton Music Studio

Xewton is an amazing composition tool. Xewton is a brilliant canvas for composing and arranging. Xewton has a good range of instruments and now an in-app purchase store for a bunch of other instruments. A great app.
Music Studio

Y is for ?

I drew a blank with Y, there wasn't one piece of mobile software or hardware that begins with Y

Z is for Zoozbeat

Zoozbeat is a really interesting concept and I think it helps make mobile music more accessible to a lot of people. Their Jackson 5 apps have had a really good response and hopefully they'll build on that in the future.

So, there's the end of the mobile music alphabet. It has been a lot of fun to write, and I hope that you've found a few things along the way that you haven't heard of before. I will be doing a sweep up of the apps I've missed during the month.

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synthtopia said...

Nice series! May have to start over though, as fast as apps are coming!