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The Mobile Music Alphabet: W is for ...

W is for Wivi Band

Wivi band 15 in 1 is a totally amazing app. I love the idea of using breath control with an iPhone, and to use it to play a bunch of good sounding wind instruments is great.
Wivi Band? 15-in-1

W is for WavePad

WacePad was to be a multi-track audio editor for the Palm OS. I very much doubt we'll ever see this, but the demo app is still on the miniMusic site, which is very much worth a look if you have a Palm device.

W is for WaveEditPro

Wave Edit Pro is a sample editing application for Palm OS. For a Palm OS app it is pretty amazing, but by today's iPhone standards it is pretty old. I used to use this for field recording on Palm PDAs.

So there's W, and good to get a couple of Palm apps in there too!

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