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Jasuto 1.2.2 on the way

Jasuto Pro 1.2.2 has been submitted. Here's what's coming:
  • The sequencer supports odd loop lengths, independent rates (up to 64x the tempo!), and trigger resets now.
  • Transposing of sequencers now scale properly.
  • Fixed the .wav case sensitivity issue.
  • Fourier transform modules (FFT, iFFT, Band, Bands) for some spectral fun! Check out the new Spectral category which contains a Vocoder example!
  • Recording/Resampling now only listens to the selected Speaker modules, if nothing is selected then it records everything (just like the current default behavior).
  • Fixed a browser tabbing issue that would popup after saving a scene.
  • Much better sounding Noise module.
  • Sonoma AudioCopy/Paste 1.1.
  • Sequences/Motion now start on the initial note on loading.
  • Fixed a bunch of number editor bugs, and yes, you can now enter 0!
  • You can now disable motion smoothing on nodes when dragging them around in the scene. The option can be found in the Motion menu under Smooth.
  • Replaced the screensaver with something a little less arbitrary, a spectrogram!
Jasuto Pro at the app store:
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer

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LegsMechanical said...

BRINSTAR! Didn't think I could love Jasuto more, but the metroid references have pushed it over the top now.