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microDAW for iPHone

Another audio editor for the iPhone. Looks nice, but there's already stiff competition for in this area from apps like Monle and AudioForge.

microDAW at the app store:


DeathBoy said...

I have to say I've got high hopes for this... Audio forge does precious little without crashing (to the point of being unusable) and Monle's interface and imprecise timing / playback make it almost useless. They may have their place for trimming up voice notes, perhaps, but are no good for mobile music editing. Perhaps this will fill the gap!

The Multitaskenator said...

Bought Monle, very impressive UI and amazing input/output tools, but seeminggly lacking the waveform editing that this app appears to have.

njrabit on twitter

Elliott Fienberg said...

if you use an app like this to edit audio, what would it take to import it into something like monle or beatmaker without having to communicate back to the pc?

this is something i can't figure out about audio apps.