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Rebirth update

I know that the Rebirth app for the iPhone has provoked a lot of debate since launch. It has just got an update though. Here's what's new:
  • Added two new mods: Sid Station and Semx
  • Auto rotates to any orientation
  • Better performance
  • Fixes to a few bugs
Rebirth at the app store:


RogB said...

..sadly doesn't do anything to improve the usability of the UI :(

I was hoping that the recent propellerhead website countdown might have meant something like reason for ipad, but its actually Reason 5. oh well :)

velocipede said...

Wake me in it is optimized for iPad!

Marcelo Torres said...

I hope the audio quality was improved so it will be fully usable.

Marcelo Torres said...

Yes baby yes!!! Audio quality fixed!!! Now it IS Rebirth!!! Punchier drum sounds, Thanks!!!!
The 2 synths 1 drum machine poll does have a winner, the rest just can fight for a second place.
I'm really happy!