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ArtStudio 2.0 for iPad

ArtStudio for the iPad gets a big update:
  • new design, more compliant with Apple Human Interface Guidline
  • added brush type: DODGE/BURN with the following options:
  • - shadows/mid-tones/highlights
  • - normal/colorize
  • added brush setting slider: jitter
  • improved quality of brush that need texture rotating
  • added new shape: polygon (open and closed)
  • added opacity slider on drawing canvas
  • shapes moved to separated popover
  • tap and hold layer thumbnail to display layer options
  • "quick menu" displayed after three-finger tap
  • possibility to keep color swatches when loading an image
  • real-time colorized RGB sliders
  • color editing - tap old-color rectangle to restore old color
  • new filter icons
  • size of Airbrush increased 2 times
  • better stability
ArtStudio for the iPhone

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