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What are we waiting for?

I thought I'd write a post on what was coming up / stuff that I / we are waiting for. I've split it into hardware and software to make it more interesting. So here goes:


- The Pacemaker portable DJ device, coming soon I hope
- TuneStudio: iPod mixing desk launching in the US this summer
- Tenori-on: UK launch in September


- Dimitry's GBA / DS emulator for Palm
- SpinPad from miniMusic (it has been a long time in the waiting)
- MixPad updates from miniMusic
- AxisPad updates from miniMusic (record and export!)
- BeatPad update from miniMusic (new soft synth?)
- NotePad update from miniMusic (export to wav?)
- MixPad Pro from miniMusic
- Real applications for the iPhone?
- Intermorphic: Maybe something in the Mobile space?
- An update from MilkyTracker maybe?
- 4Pockets updates? Maybe to Pocket StompBox or MeTeoR

Long shots:
- I'd like to see something turn up from the screens environment project

From Palm Sounds:

- New Sound Toys? (Should be another few in the offing)
- More videos
- The Basics series

So, all in all, quite a lot to look forward to in the rest of 2007.

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