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PocketAxe - Pocket PC Guitar

PocketAxe is a good looking Software Guitar for Pocket PC. The video gives you a good idea of what it can do, but it is more than just a cool guitar app, it also features a drum kit and a piano keyboard.

I've only read a bit of the information on the site, but it seems that you could load your own samples too so you could use it to trigger stuff as and when you wanted.

It has got to be worth looking into

The makers have got a lot of improvements planned, such as:

- chord maker
- better sound samples
- full screen mode
- volume feedback
- volume increment
- left handed guitar
- recording
- stretchable frets
- duration & sample looping
- midi playing
- metronome
- internationalization
- screen scaling for VGA
- load file garbage - flash card problems
- better feedback on piano 7th chords

So, why not give PocketAxe a go.

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