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Crate Profiler 5: Taking things Live?

Continuing my theme of live work with PDAs / handhelds I thought that this would be a useful addition...

This is the Crate Profiler Model 5, which looks to me like you could really use this with you mobile live set maybe?

Their site says this:

"The Crate Profiler Model 5 makes a great home practice amp, but it's so much more. Small and supremely portable, Model 5 packs your favorite amplifier tones into a single versatile, and highly affordable, studio-ready package.

You get killer guitar tones, Profiler's built-in digital effects processing, and USB connectivity, making it the perfect recording interface. Dual battery and AC power provides the ultimate in portability. Just grab your guitar, your Model 5, and your laptop to take your entire recording studio anywhere on the planet. Crate Profiler Model 5 — recording just got easier!

11 amp profiles, including: Clean, High Watt, Vintage Club, Top Mount, and a setting specifically for acoustic guitars
2.5 watts per channel stereo output
2 x 4" speakers
USB output for easy recording
DSP effects with Crate Channel Tracking™ and including delay, modulation and reverb effects
Gain/tone/level/profile-select controls
CD/MP3 player stereo input jack, Headphone jack
Mackie Tracktion 2 recording software included (for PC and Mac)
Battery and/or AC power"

I've got to admit that it is really tempting...

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