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New Poll: What's the next big thing?

I thought I'd try a new poll. The theme being, what's the next big thing going to be in mobile music? I've got some ideas of my own, such as:

- A modular environment like SynthEdit or AudioMulch
- An updated hardware device such as a new QY module
- A new operating system which is dedicated to media
- The availability of desktop strength apps on a device like the iPhone

But I'm sure some of you might have better ideas than I do, so I thought I'd post this first to see what you think before putting up the poll.

Please put your thoughts in the comments, or email them in if you prefer.

1 comment:

concretedog said...

Interesting thoughts... I'd love a pocket modular synth system like synthmaker/synthedit/audiomulch but I can't see it happening.

Dedicated OS environments is an interesting one.. I'm in the middle of ressurrecting an old Thinkpad 240 with a linux distribution called dyne:bolic which is an amazingly optimised distro (minimum spec of any pentium and just 64mb of ram) full of multimedia software....just waiting for a harddrive to arrive of of ebay and the thinkpad may live again! What with the advent of Ubunto Studio heralding a "mainstream" linux multimedia distribution also I can see this as an area that may develop.

Just my thoughts!