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SunVox 1.0 Released

I only just heard about this new app from NightRadio. It runs on PalmOS and also WinCE so I will try it out on both (time permitting).

It would seem that NightRadio is becoming a big source of new Palm apps, which is always good news. Here's what the site says about SunVox
SunVox is a small, simple, fast and powerful program for music creation, based on modular synths and tracker-like interface.
(Detailed info about music trackers is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker) SunVox is Based on parts of the PsyTexx tracker, the PsyTexxSynth engine and the SunDog engine.

As soon as I've had a chance to play with this I'll post again.


Peter Swimm said...

ell it hard crashes on my 700p, but the windows version sounds real nice. Hopefully a gp2x port is in the cards!

Unknown said...

hmm, crashes my TX as well. it turns the screen the black and white Palm shades then emits a tone and won't allow you to go to 'home', forcing a reboot :(
looks like such a cool app too