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SunVox 1.0 first impressions

Well I've only had a brief chance to play with SunVox, but so far so good. I've been running it on a Treo 650, and it seems to be performing very well. The interface is vaguely reminiscent of miniMusic's SoundPad. I was able to start to create some interesting sounds by adding filters and sound generators. The sound quality is quite impressive.

I know herrprof has had crashes with the app on a Treo 700p, so if you have similar experiences please comment them or feed them back to NightRadio


Peter Swimm said...

I have a custom build to try out, so we should get the problem licked soon enough!

NightRadio said...

Peter Swimm had helped me to fix bug on the Treo700p. So, new version 1.0b is ready for downloading :)

Peter Swimm said...

new beta up, my crash problems are fixed..