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New post on the Korg DS-10 blog is once again in Japanese

The Korg DS-10 blog has a new post in Japanese. I did try to translate it but it still didn't make much sense, there was some stuff about bugs and maybe something about finding it difficult to hit July? I don't really know, but if anyone can provide a better translation that would be really useful.

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M. H. D. said...

It basically says that they are working on getting all the bugs found and fixed and that because they're busy doing that, there aren't going to be any new additions included on top of what they already have.

They're fixing bugs as fast as they can find them, but new ones keep popping up, "There's another enemy!" "There's a scary one!"

He makes a funny reference to feeling like the snot-nosed Nobita-kun asking Doraemon for a fantastic machine invention to get them out of the fix they're in.

They aren't saying it's not going to come out in July, just that there's not going to be any new additions. July seemed far away, but now it's closer than they thought.