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A new Bhajis Loops plug in!

I hadn't thought that anyone would put out any new plug ins for Bhajis, but I'm really glad that this new plug in called 'corrosion' has turned up in beta from phaseArray
Corrosion is a sound distortion unit offering phase-based distortion with features like feedback, amplitude modification & DC offset with wraparound.

It is is a 3rd party sound effects plugin for BhajisLoops & Microbe- both fully featured studio packages for handheld devices. Corrosion is available for free download and is in the beta phase of development, consequently we would appreciate the reporting of any bugs so as to assist in the development process.
Corrosion begins by offsetting the phase of the incoming signal by a defined number of samples, this phased signal may then be amplified before using it to distort the original signal. Part of this signal may be fed back to the phase buffer, finally the entire output signal may be given a DC offset with wraparound before being returned to the mixer.

This provides the user with a wide variety of distorted artifacts and there is also the potential to produce oscillations and spatial-sounding effects.

I shall be trying it out soon and reporting back and giving them some feedback too at their bug reporting page.

Let's hope that this is the start of lots of new plug ins from phaseArray.

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