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3 months into 2008, how are we doing?

I thought I'd have a brief look back at my 'predictions' for 2008 to see where we'd got to so far. This is what I had in for the first three months:

- What will Apple announce at MacWorld?
- TuneStudio released at last?
- TrakAx competition closes - 21st Jan

- Apple to release the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK!
- Pacemaker DJ device available?

- First iPhone music apps?
- DScratch and DS Protein apps develop?

So not too bad overall I think. It would be nice to have seen a bit more on the DS side in terms of Scratch, but I know that the developer has a lot on at the moment, so maybe later in the year...

Obviously there have been some extra stuff too, like the DS-10 coming along which is nice.

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