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Making noises

Over the weekend I spent a very happy few hours with a friend making lots of noise with handheld devices. Namely:
  • Tungsten T3 running Bhajis Loops
  • Treo 650 running AxisPad
  • Kaossilator
  • Mini KP

It was great fun and on the whole quite a nice noise for the most part.

It does make me want to do some live shows though, and hopefully I might get a chance to this year.

Anyway, I've only just got the Kaossilator and the Mini KP, and I have to say that I really like them both already. The mini KP is excellent, really interesting to play with. The Kaossilator is more of an aquired taste, but already I'm beginning to see how I can use it alongside other devices.

Once I've had more time to play with these I'll post up a couple of serious reviews.

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