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Apple WWDC iPhone Audio Development Sessions

Apple has posted details of the sessions for WWDC 2008. Some of the iPhone sessions look tailor made for audio and music application development. Here's a few I picked out.

Audio Development for iPhone
Core Audio provides a powerful engine for playing and recording audio in your iPhone application. Learn how to play sounds and alerts, record audio from the built-in microphone and play sound files of arbitrary length. Understand the best practices to minimize latency and conserve power. Learn about the audio codecs and formats available for iPhone and understand the capabilities for playing multiple sounds simultaneously.

Core Audio and OpenAL Lab
Core Audio and OpenAL let you add sophisticated audio playback and recording to your application. Receive one-on-one technical assistance and development advice from the Core Audio and OpenAL engineering teams. Bring your laptop, your code, and your questions.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures
iPhone's ability to handle multiple touches simultaneously is central to its unique usability. Learn how touches and events are represented to your application and how it can respond to a user's gestures to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

iPhone Multi-Touch Events and Gestures Lab
Get expert one-on-one assistance from the Cocoa Touch engineers and technology evangelists on multi-touch and gestures for iPhone. Bring your laptop, your iPhone, your code, and your questions.

I'd love to hear from anyone who goes what kind of take up there is for these sessions. I'm hoping that June will see some really innovative iPhone / iPod Touch music and audio apps appearing and a whole new platform for music.

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