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Coming soon to SunVox

Coming soon to SunVox

* new module: delay
* new module: reverb
* FM
* stylophone
* zoom in pattern editor
* parallel synth playing
* OSX port


Unknown said...

this is great news!
i've managed to get Sunvox running on my TX (though it is still very temperamental) and have found it to have a very nice sound engine.
I've been dropping loops made in Bhajis Loops into Sunvox's Sampler Module, to utilise the magnificent Flanger. I didn't realise the Palm was capable of such a rich sound (much broader/richer than the native Bhajis Space Flanger). Then I export it as a WAV back into Bhajis for further tweakage.
It's great to have as an extension of Bhajis Loops, to 'resample' sounds with Sunvox's effects, etc.
So, the prospect of further effects for Sunvox is exciting!

I'm keen to utilise it as a sequencer in it's own right too, but I've got to acquaint myself with the tracker architecture and commands first.

ashley said...

I know of others who have had problems getting it to work on a TX. I think it might be something to do with the screen size, but I'm not sure.

I do like your idea of moving loops in and out of Sunvox / Bhajis, I'll have to try that out for myself.

As for the sequencing, I know what you mean, I keep meaning to try and find time to get my head around it.