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Impressions of ThumbJam as a universal app

I'm already a big fan of ThumbJam, it is a great app, so I was really pleased to hear that it was becoming a universal app.

Last night I tried it out on my iPad for the first time and although I don't think I can put my finger on why it is so much better on the iPad, I can tell you that it is. Perhaps it is something to do with the additional screen space or that it is simply a lot more powerful than my old iPhone 3G, but running ThumbJam on the iPad was excellent.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what new iPad specific features come out next for ThumbJam
in the next release, it can only get better from here.


Anonymous said...

Bigger is better. People try to deny it, but the iPad is the better (i)device for making music.

I'll try this out.

Ringus said...

I can't imagine anyone trying to deny it. All apps are significantly better on the pad; it's basic physics (bigger = better).

Anonymous said...

The only thing that isn't better on the iPad is accelerometer stuff... it's just more unwieldy to shake than an iPhone/iPod.

ashley said...

Know what you mean about the accelerometer on the iPad. Agreed.

Robert said...

Accelerometer on the iPad? If you can shake a guitar for vibrato, you can shake an iPad!

Besides, the larger playing jsurfacemof the iPad makes it all worth while on an app like ThumbJam, I just tried it out based on Ashley's post here today, and I'm so blown away, it's really great!

I used to think that Jordan Rudess totally ripped off BeBot, but now I know he ripped off ThumbJam, which by the way, is a much better app, and a whole $3 cheaper! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. Now the Thumbjam rainbow ugliness with its mix of custom and original controls is spread over an even bigger area. I cant wait... :-/