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Pigeon and park annoyer Mark I


Anonymous said...

I never knew that yellow korg played samples. I always thought it was just a X-Y effects unit.

I bought that Belkin Splitter cable because I saw it here on PS a few days ago. Very handy!

Anonymous said...

no the kaossilator does not play samples (i wish!) - i used an mp3 player to play recordings

yeah the belkin is good but limts levels ability - on the look out for battery powered mixer!


Anonymous said...

Oops. Thanks for that on the korg.
This vid threw me off:

I saw one Battery Powered 2 channel mixer on my hunt yesterday, but its been discontinued. (Urban DJ Portable Mixer) Kool gold tape look.

It might be a good idea to buy a mini mixer and convert it to Battery Powered.

Heres a good candidate:
American Recorder PMIX-100 3-Source Personal Audio Mixer
(find it @ Amazon)

Anonymous said...

thanks! will add to my list which includes:

behringer mxb1002
proel mix-402
fostex mn-50