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Fantastick is free

Fantastick is currently free, no idea for how long though, and has also been updated so that it is a universal app now.

Use your iPhone/iPod/iPad with Max/MSP or Pure Data!

Fantastick turns your device to a custom multitouch controller. Send multitouch data to the host program and receive drawing commands.

Instead of a limited set of builtin-widgets, the interface logic resides in Max/MSP and only drawing commands are sent to the device. Build interfaces that ..
  • work and look exactly the way you want
  • change dynamically to fit the musical context
  • are experimental and would not be possible with other apps
Watch this intro:

  • Minimalistic, fullscreen control area with nothing on it but what you provide.
  • Multitouch-events on the device are forwarded to your host via UDP. Information includes the touch state (begin, move, end) and coordinates for all touch points.
  • Designed for no-hassle: zero-click startup, the device does not sleep or suspend network connection, flicker- and lag-free.
  • Displaying images (fetched with URLs) and caching them on the device for use on non-networked locations.
  • Basic drawing with lines, boxes and text.
  • Advanced drawing with OpenGL.
Visit http://pinktwins.com/fantastick for quick start and usage examples.

NOTE: this app works together with other software. When launched you get a black screen, what happens then is up to you. Visit the website for examples and documentation.

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