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DJ BPM & Pitch Tool for iPhone

A new DJ app, although it is about learning to be a DJ rather than anything else.

DJ BPM & Pitch tool is the only app to get if you want to learn to DJ properly. This app will help you to mix together records by calculating the pitch adjustment needed to beat-match records.

First you tap-in the playing track's beat, to find its BPM [beats per minute]. Then you listen on your headphones to the second track you want to mix in, and tap-in its BPM. The app will then tell you how much to adjust the pitch of the second track to match the BPM of the first track.

This is a very useful tool to help those starting out DJing, and also a good tool for experienced DJs who want to mix tracks with a large BPM difference.

This app also doubles up as a useful and accurate BPM tool so that you can catalogue your record collection.

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Anonymous said...

This app will never replace True Skill or give you True Skillz.

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