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Amiga turned 25!

The Amiga was 25 on the 23rd of July, so a belated happy birthday and I must get one of the Amiga emulators going again.

Anyone out there still got one?


concretedog said...

yep...got me an amiga 1200 with a whopping 80meg external hardrive. Twas the first machine I messed about with trackers on...still works I don't power it up too often these days though.

soundog said...

Well, mines long gone. But I got started in computer music and MIDI with an old Amiga 1000, and later got an Amiga 2000. I played around with all sorts of software included Music Studio, Deluxe Music, SoundScape (my main program), Music X, Music Mouse (awesome fun!), Hyperchord, and Bars&Pipes Pro. And remember Video Toaster?!

I remember having a hell of a time trying to get everything to work right, but was able to make a lot of music. But I was a lot happier after I got my first Mac!

Pierre said...

My very first computer was an Amiga 500 but it died about 2 years after I purchased it. Thankfully, the Amiga 1200 was just being released with the wonderful AGA graphics chipset. I still have the system in my basement and it still powered up the last time I tried it about 2 years ago.

I wasn't doing any music on my Amiga, I was purely into 2D and 3D graphics and animation.

robman84 said...

Man I remember saving up my pay for months to buy the A500 when it first came out. As a teenager it was a hell of a purchase! I recall using loads of trackers and various music software along with the sampler I bought for it. It was the first machine I could create decent music on - I never really achieved that with my C64 as you needed the skill of a Hubbard or Daglish to make that baby sing.