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Audioforge update

Audioforge got an update which intrigues me. The comment on the messageboard on the blog says that this enables recording of one app from another, but I want to know if that's just via the iPhone mic?

Anyway, here's what's in the update:
  • Added small Audiocopy fix
  • Added background support, audio keeps playing
  • Added high resolution art for iPhone 4
  • Added iTunes library import
The library import is great to have.


Skipp said...

It doesn't allow recording from one App to another. What it does is allow you to record in an App, say in nLog, whilst listening to a loop play in Audioforge. There is no communication between the two Apps but they run at the same time.

This makes it possible to build multi track parts which will work with each other and to compose whilst listening to the parts that you have already recorded.

This is particularly useful with multi track programs such as Multitrack DAW where you can compose in nLog or Morphwiz , for example, whilst listening to a sub mix of your curent composition pasted into Audioforge running in the background. Once you've completed your new part you can paste it into Multitrack and it's a trivial process to trim it to fit with your existing material.

The only downside is that Audioforge does not support Intua's pasteboard so you need to use a third App, such as Monle or Audioview to go from Sonoma to Intua pasteboards.

With fast App switching it does work surprisingly well!

Tibor said...

Audioforge does support intua's pasteboard just fine. You have to select general pasteboard when pasting through audiopaste and make sure you match the number of channels correctly mono or stereo (the general pasteboards does not easily allow detection of number of channels)

Please post a request for a how to on the audioforge.ca feedback page and I'll draft up a tutorial.

Skipp said...

Tibor, thanks for the heads up! I've now managed to paste the data straight into Audioforge from Multitrack DAW. It took me a while to work it out as I had never noticed before that it was possible to change the target pasteboard from the paste screen.