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Touch DJ: 7 weeks in review

This from Amidio:

Touch DJ was supposed to be one of our best apps. We never thought there would be any obstacles on it's way to the AppStore. However it has now hit the insane 7 week review mark, and there are no clear signs that it might get approved at all. Lack of communication from the Apple side makes it even worse. We have absolutely no idea about what is going on and why the app is kept unapproved. We have to suspend the work on all new iPhone apps for now. Sorry everyone who was waiting for this app, - we tried our best. http:/amidio.com

I can't believe that it can take this long to get a great app into the store!

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Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for apps to get reject and require re-submission several times before they finally get approved for the App Store.

Except in very rare occasions, each time an app is re-submitted it goes back to the end of the queue just like every other spp.

Apple is reporting that currently only 75% of apps complete a review in less than two weeks. That's down significantly. Perhaps it's due to the recent changes in the in-app purchasing rules or some other change in their conformance testing. Or maybe there is just a high volume of new and updated apps currently in review.

App Store approval is really just like any other bureaucratic process in business whether it be government permits, legal paperwork, production lead time etc. For better or worse, App Store approval is an intrinsic part of the business of publishing iPhone apps and like any bureaucratic process is subject to seemingly arbitrary variations.

Patience is probably the best prescription.

Garloo said...

This app could be used a media player.

Probibly it is getting kicked up the app management chain as a ass covering measure.

I hope it comes out soon and the problems blow over.

I love Amido apps so huggs.

2 Potato said...

No, it's not unusual for crap apps to need to be resubmitted. You only need to watch the forums on somewhere like toucharcade.com to see most apps go through first time. Sure they get delayed, and I think some of the problem right now can be blamed on the big releases of touch pets and eliminate as lots of apps are taking for-f*cking-ever, but they get approved.

The thing that really annoys me is that a lot of the big studios release buggy crap that apple doesn't test, yet quality apps like this are delayed for testing. Look at boggle. One can say apple approved that soley cos they wanted to feature it because when the app was released it didn't even launch. Well, not in all cases. The shill reviewers some how got it working long enough to think it justified a 5 star rating. And this isn't the first time a massive bug has been let through.

I'm really starting to lose faith with apple. I love their laptops and the iMac series but this is getting ridiculous. I'm on my second iPhone with a genius appointment today where I'm pretty sure I'll end up with yet another new one. Every time I ring for support I'm talked down to, have had my entire music collection wiped on one occasion and had to format my MBP another time all solely due to phone support that was just wrong. The app store is a joke and piracy is through the roof - what I'm wondering is how long is it going to take til someone sues apple...?